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16 Sep 2014

Working with a digital agency: the classic car analogy

Working with a digital agency, choosing a new CMS for your website, or trying to work out which services are vital for your business can be a difficult and lengthy decision, and not that dissimilar from choosing a classic car, as Mark Appleton explains.

11 Sep 2014

Apple Watch

On Tuesday, 9th September 2014, Apple CEO, Tim Cook addressed the masses to confirm the worst kept secret in the digital realm - the launch of the iPhone 6, the iPhone 6 Plus, “oh and there’s one more thing…”

Taking to the stage in traditional Apple fashion; the choice in venue, where Steve Jobs chose to launch the first Apple Macintosh computer in 1984, should have been enough to warrant alarm bells in even the most avid of Android lovers, for what would be the event of the year.

9 Sep 2014

Email Marketing

“You have 1 new e-mail!” Oh how that message used to fill me with such excitement and wonder, similar to dial up internet in that, it fills you with a sense of nostalgia; when it was all about the simple things in life. These days, that same message now reads “You have 240 unread emails”, goodbye to the good old days and hello to the days of spam.

It’s no wonder the more ‘modern’ means of social media and mobile marketing continue to receive our attention at an increasingly terrifying rate. With many turning away from the more ‘traditional’ email updates, newsletters and means of communication, we need to now ask the question - does this mean the end for email marketing?

4 Sep 2014

Callout Extensions Introduced by Google Adwords

One of the main challenges of being a search engine marketer is keeping on top of the latest updates, the hottest trends and (most importantly) what is best-practice. With so many products and platforms on offer it is often difficult to work out which updates are important and which can largely be ignored.

That’s where we come in – helping you navigate the important, and the less important updates to ensure your SEM is the best it can be. So today we’re taking a look at Google’s most recent AdWords announcement – Callout Extensions.

2 Sep 2014

SEO Success Factors

Search Engine Optimisation. It sounds like a pretty self explanatory concept, but for many it may as well be a foreign language. From robots.txt to coding, meta tags and navigational links, even the most knowledgable of web users still struggle to navigate the frequent page rank algorithm changes and search engine updates. So how do you measure up in the eyes of the search engine gods and how can you improve your odds for success!?

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