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28 Aug 2014

The Digital Music Revolution

From the little white headphones and Beats by Dre, to a multitude of on-demand streaming services, the digital music revolution is thriving.

While many are suggesting it is transforming the music industry, with almost a daily stream of innovative new ways to access and interact with music online, others argue that it spells death for the music industry with record declines in download sales.

26 Aug 2014


“**Spoiler Alert!** You won’t believe what happens next?!” Oh I’m pretty sure I can guess - I’m going to ignore you and your spoof headline in favour of real news with real substance, thank you very much!

Newsfeed spam is nothing new and if you’re as bored as I am with it, then you probably just ignore it without a second thought. But maybe it’s time to give some thought; how it affects the content in your newsfeed and how that might affect your engagement with friends and Pages.

21 Aug 2014

digital and development

There’s no stopping the evolution of digital technology. Since the first iPhone dropped in 2007 we’ve seen tablet computers, 4K TVs, smart watches, Google Glass and even Tupac holograms. But, it’s not just about the incredible, ground-breaking advances which make the digital evolution so revolutionary; in many cases it’s the smaller, simpler developments which can have the biggest impact.

19 Aug 2014

Designing A Digital Future

Human interactions are not what they used to be; in the last 25 years, since the World Wide Web was unleashed upon humanity, it has come to redefine our language, needs and motivations, as well as social norms and behaviours.

14 Aug 2014

Pay-To-Play: The New Social Media Landscape for Brands

The leading social media networks are increasing their dominance and getting a whole lot richer. Internal advertising masterminds and product specialists have been working tirelessly to monetise the channels, ensuring that advertising solutions are the new heaven for marketers. Innovative approaches to advertising formatting and significant design changes, has been the backbone to accelerated revenue increases for the networks.

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