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Social media marketing boosts brand engagement, increases sales and drastically drives traffic. The Wickedweb social media team pride themselves on being an extension to your team, providing best practice marketing to build your online communities.

As an award-winning agency, we have extensive experience building online communities for all sizes of client, from global brands to SMEs. At the heart of the social media methodology is engagement and responsiveness. We leverage our esteemed design team for social media collateral that truly makes your content stand out compared to the competition.  Campaigns are executed with catalytic growth on a wide range of social media channels.

Whether it’s B2B or B2C social media, we identify the correct tone of voice and requirements for social media campaigns, defining goals and surpassing KPIs. The results demonstrate clear profitability and benefit on sales, referral traffic, branding, consumer awareness, reach, impressions, account metrics and sentiment.

Wickedweb uses the latest, innovative tools to ensure that market research is coordinated seamlessly to content creation, to maximise engagement. Wickedweb listens to audiences, targets trending activity and produces content that is truly demanded on the channels.  

What Social Media Services do we offer?

Wickedweb provides full social media management for clients and offer specialist social media services for those that require a boost to their online presence:

Channel Expertise:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Google+
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • Vine

Advocate Research

Our team identify the most influential social media accounts relevant to your industry. Do you know who has the biggest voice in your industry and target territories? Following research, we provide you with a list of top prospects via social media.

We also keep an ear to the ground for the latest social media developments, ensuring these are built into your campaigns where appropriate.

Trending Analysis

Timing is crucial. Wickedweb listens to trends and capitalise on perfect timing to ensure your messages are heard by the masses. Do you know when your audience is most active on your channels? Your dedicated social media team is proactive, informing you of the latest trends and recommending timely strategies to realise content potential.

Sentiment Analysis

Are your communities speaking positively about your brand? Wickedweb investigates audiences actively discussing your brand. We listen to both the positive and learn from the negative. Wickedweb leverages findings to ensure that your communities gain the positive experience they are expecting from social media.

Community Management

Is your community growing? Wickedweb implements best practice techniques that increase your communities exponentially. Our approach encourages engagement and rewards your social media brand ambassadors. Our team ensures that your social media advocates get the attention they deserve on all social media channels.

Social Media Strategy

Is you social media strategy fully integrated in other marketing channels? As part of the media department, Wickedweb specialises in recommending social media marketing that is integrated in SEO and PPC marketing. We devise thorough social media strategies that benchmark client performance to key competitors, project annual goals, underpin content recommendations, establish an optimum for publication and identify influencers in your industry. 

Social Media Support

Do you have a dedicated social media team? We work alongside your marketing team, ensuring that we complement your existing strategies. Do you have an upcoming campaign that requires more social media resource? Our team of experts are at the ready to help you and your team generate the results you are seeking for your campaign.

Social Media SEO

Working alongside the SEO management team, your designated Social Media Manager will ensure that results are seen through multiple marketing channels, including SEO. Social media metrics have never been more prominent than now for SEO.

Social Media Integration

Are you maximising all technical opportunities for your content to be shared via social media? With the Wickedweb social media integration list you can be sure that all opportunities are never missed. Leverage sharing capabilities externally from social media networks for your website and gather an entirely new community to enhance your social media presence.

Social Media Content

Visual social media networks such as Instagram and Pinterest are on the rise. Utilising award-winning designers, visual social media collateral is made to stand out whilst remaining consistent with your brand guidelines. Our team produces a cloud-based social media content plan, in order for you to review/edit authored copy live. We create content made for sharing.

Social Media PR

Your dedicated Wickedweb social media team source the most influential brand advocates for your organisation and listen to the conversations that related to your products/services. We meticulously examine dialogue about your company and identify opportunities to participate in conversations. We see more than likes and follows; we see relationships.

Social Media Reports

The Wickedweb social media team provides you with branded social media reports with KPIs defined by you. Whether it’s increased sales, traffic, reach, impressions, brand awareness or all of the above, the reports demonstrate the growth to your accounts, justifying your spend and proving a true social media ROI.

Why are we leaders in social media marketing?

  • The outstanding growth on the social media channels ensures long-term client relationships.
  • Your designated social media expert will be your point of contact for all communications
  • Every Social Media Manager has a maximum number of client accounts
  • We proactively advise clients on the upcoming social media channels and recommend a tactical approach to capitalise on emerging networks.

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