Sitecore CMS partner

Sitecore CMS partner

Sitecore closed source .NET platform


Wickedweb is proud to have been a certified Sitecore agency partner since 2010. Leaders in web content management and online engagement, Sitecore’s award-winning Customer Engagement Platform, comprising of CMS software and the Sitecore Digital Marketing Suite, enables businesses to create dynamic, fully-functional websites, designed to attract and engage prospective clients online.

Industry leaders in usability and scalability, by partnering with Sitecore we are able to offer our clients the most innovative, compelling options when building and developing their digital projects. In such a fast-paced digital world, content is key; Sitecore enables clients to leverage and personalise content with ease, ensuring improved customer experience by enabling users to maintain conversations with their audiences across a whole variety of online channels.

Awarded The Fastest Growing New Sitecore Partner in June 2012, we are proud to recommend Sitecore to our clients as a scalable, cost effective CMS platform.

Sitecore’s fully integrated web content management platform includes additional modules such as the Online Marketing Suite, Email Campaign Manager, SEO, eCommerce, Analytics and Intranets.

Core features within the Sitecore CMS platform include:

Real-time personalisation: Sitecore’s dynamic personalisation function allows content editors to continually personalise and optimise visitor experience in real time. By providing easy-to-use tools to help editors keep content fresh and up-to-date, Sitecore goes one step further in the evolution of creating an engaging, targeted experience online.

Mobile experience: Sitecore automatically detects and serves content based on the mobile device being used. The optimised mobile experience functionality means users aren’t limited to merely shrinking and re-displaying content; instead the mobile experience can be optimised in the context of each visitor’s unique goals.

Social media engagement: With multiple options for blogs, wikis, forums, polls, surveys and web forms, Sitecore software allows users to continue online conversations across various social media platforms.

Digital Marketing Suite: Sitecore’s Digital Marketing Suite integrates websites with all digital marketing channels, leveraging the Sitecore CMS to manage all digital content. The Digital Marketing Suite provides in-depth insight into website and campaign performance, whilst allowing marketers to design, monitor and supervise cross-channel campaigns to effectively engage 1:1 conversations with prospects and customers. What’s more, email marketing can be managed and optimised with marketers able to design, edit and personalise details, all of which resulting in higher click rates and conversions.

Development and design flexibility: The flexibility of Sitecore as a content management system allows users to create and optimise site design for a personalised visitor experience. Page layouts can be developed using standard .NET controls, XSL, or a combination of the two.    

Scalability management: Sitecore CMS has been architected to scale extremely well, allowing for multi-site support and content sharing across an array of sites. Organisations are therefore able to grow while protecting their considerable investment in time, process and software.

With Sitecore’s forward-thinking technology solutions and Wickedweb’s ability to create innovative and engaging digital conversations between our clients and their audiences, we are able to implement the unrivalled ‘Best in Class’ CMS platform for entry level companies through to global enterprises. Our clients are already benefitting from our partnership with Sitecore; due to the platform’s scalability, Law Debenture’s 6 international websites are now fully supported by the CMS.

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