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SEO site architecture

The search visibility of your website is highly dependent on the underlying HTML code and how it’s written. As Wickedweb is an award winning digital design and build agency, there are few better placed to advise on how the HTML code can be optimised from an SEO perspective.

To achieve the best possible SEO listings, Wickedweb make recommendations on both page and site structure to ensure your website flow is relevant to the keywords being targeted.

Some of the key areas we analyse and make SEO recommendations for include:

  • Content accessibility
  • Page load speed
  • Execution of JavaScript
  • Static and dynamic navigation/HTML review
  • HTML Structure and rendering
  • URL optimisation
  • Meta optimisation
  • Navigation performance
  • Internal link structure
  • Image optimisation
  • Error page analysis
  • Page layout review
  • PageRank flow

Our SEO team can review and validate your site's HTML within retained or one-off consultancy projects.

When the site architecture has been audited and perfected, Wickedweb would look at your Content Optimisation.

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