SEO Keyword Strategy

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO Keyword strategy

The keyword strategy is the most important element of SEO. It outlines the target keywords, which will focus the architecture and content of your site, plus determine the future strategy for all link building activities.

Our range of SEO services includes keyword research and keyword competition analysis, which looks at:

  • Client’s services/products/offering and identifies the main search phrases used
  • Search trends for keyword terms identified – growing, declining or stable
  • Competition analysis – no. of results versus no. of optimised pages
  • Identification of niche phrases and strategic keyword planning
  • Analysis of competitors

Once the above details are obtained, we work with our clients to select keyword phrases that will generate increased search engine traffic and maximum return from a business perspective; we review this strategy on an on-going basis for all retainer clients to ensure maximum traffic and ROI. 

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