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So why would a company outsource their Pay Per Click campaigns to a professional and dedicated PPC agency like Wickedweb? That’s simple - each campaign requires careful management and dedicated resource to be fully effective and to deliver maximum return on investment.

That said, all clients have expectations, business objectives and budgets. So whether you're a start-up looking to try Pay Per Click for the first time, an SME with previous in-house or outsourced experience, or an international corporate looking for complex campaign planning and management, Wickedweb works to maximise your returns.

The three pillars of Wickedweb Pay Per Click Management services include:

Search strategists

Automated Pay Per Click will get a job done, but it won't get the job done well. And that's where we come in. Our human search strategists craft an effective paid search strategy to be highly targeted, cost effective, and to deliver maximum return on investment. We're only as good as the talent that we employ, and that's why we only employ the best talent to do it.


When we start talking with prospective clients, we very often hear their own internal Pay Per Click management is working well, and they see no need to outsource. They have reams of data telling them that a 2.2% conversion ratio is a good thing. What they don't know is that they could achieve 7.5% conversion ratio if the campaign was better optimised, and this is where the information comes in. Too much data with no information is meaningless. Wickedweb are here to optimise the campaign, to analyse the data and provide you with the meaningful information that provides you with not only return on investment, but the best possible return on investment.


Wickedweb are fully accountable for our managed Pay Per Click services and we can't do that unless we are fully transparent with our processes. As a client, you have access to all the information as and when you require, so whether you like to be hands on or hands off, you are constantly kept informed about every click. While that's great, we don't just want to be your supplier. We want to be your long term partner. If we can come back to you every week, every month, every quarter or every six months with all the graphs going north, then we can prove our worth to you. Put simply, that's how we like to work. With full accountability.

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