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Copy for the web must be succinct, precise and engaging. It must also be content and keyword rich for search engine optimisation. Arresting design certainly has its place, but this must be combined with clear message hierarchies. Our expert web copywriters are trained to write and edit copy to drive conversions and deliver key brand messages.

Wickedweb can help with the following:

  • Auditing and improving existing websites - we can carry out a thorough copy audit of your website to review how tone of voice, content structure, key conversion points and brand values are being presented. Our report can be used as the basis for you to make changes in-house, or we can manage the implementation for you. This copy audit can also be beneficial if you are looking at a redesign or usability study.
  • Writing and editing new website copy - Wickedweb will work on the most impactful way to achieve conversion goals, and convey your brand. This includes our SEO copywriting service, which forms a fundamental part of our content optimisation and link building strategies.
  • Tone of voice and brand guidelines - In collaboration with our creative team, we are experts at developing brand guidelines of which tone of voice plays a vital part. If you are looking to inject personality into your copy, we are ideally placed to develop this into a complete set of web friendly brand guidelines.
  • Enhancing copy for email communications - Our experience in email marketing is impressive, both from a consumer and corporate perspective. Content must be targeted, rich and tested in order to achieve high click through rates and conversions.
  • Social media - Content for social media syndication must be well thought through to ensure objectives are met. Social media gives you a voice, and there is a lot of power to harness when done well. Done badly however, and this can be very damaging for a brand. We can work with you on a schedule of communications for your audiences to ensure clarity, relevance and coherence.

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