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wagamama 'art and eat'

Integrated digital campaign, brand engagement, microsite, twitter, video, email and QR codes

The Client

As wagamama’s global digital agency, Wickedweb collaborated on the launch of the ‘art and eat’ campaign - an innovative platform to engage wagamama customers with the UK’s up and comivng art and design talent.

wagamama’s proposition combines fresh and nutritious food with friendly service and value for money, and wagamama remains strong in its belief of the balance of ‘positive eating + positive living’.

With the opening of its first restaurant in London’s Bloomsbury in 1992, wagamama unleashed a new dining experience. A pioneer of the now popular bench-style seating, wagamama led the way with electronic ordering and a unique food offering. Today it has restaurants in 17 countries, has evolved its brand to include a retail range of cookbooks and sauces, launched an iPhone app which lets you order takeout, and has introduced the wagamama lounge to satisfy festival-goers.

The Challenge

wagamama were looking to roll out a national marketing and PR campaign that would achieve a number of key objectives.  At the core, wagamama’s underlying objective was to engage, excite and provide an experience for customers – whilst re-inforcing wagamama as a cool’ lifestyle brand among its target markets.

In addition to creating regional brand awareness and building product awareness, robust marketing objectives are in place.  The campaign needed to drive awareness, excite its audience and encourage participation.

Wickedweb focused on achieving these KPI’s by putting brand engagement at the heart of our digital strategy.  Our strategy around the campaign’s digital execution worked to extend the in-store experiential element by driving diners online to join the ‘art and eat’ debate.  This interactive platform supported brand engagement by providing a focus for dining conversation, and looked to prompt subsequent action from them by way of competition entries and re-tweets.

Our strategy was honed by an appreciation of wagamama’s key target audiences, as this ensured we could recommend solutions for engagement across a range of diners.

•Adult – men / women / business professionals, groups, couples, tourists (estimated to be 25-45)

•Sparks – in-the-know, savvy, early adopters, trend setters

•Families – young families / new parents (estimated age 30-45)

•Grey eagles – over 50’s

The Solution

Ten national wagamama locations were chosen and one regional ’up and coming’ artist was selected per restaurant to feature their work. Wagamama worked closely with the prolific Moniker projects to source the artists.

Wickedweb worked hard to unite the campaign messaging with digital technology, in order to evolve traditional marketing methods into an integrated 360 communications mix – positioning digital at the heart. Early results indicate our carefully considered strategy engaged the target audience and demonstrated real cut through.  Wickedweb feel the work showcased here is innovative and engaging, supporting the key KPI’s. The wagamama brand has been elevated as a result, and the digital strategy seeks to rejuvenate an offline campaign into the digital sphere to maximize the longevity and awareness of the campaign / brand.

Digital execution

Working with the wagamama brand team and PR agency Kazoo, Wickedweb conceptualised the digital execution of this campaign to fulfill key objectives.     Our strategy covered a myriad of channels including a microsite, email, video content, QR codes and Twitter.  Details below.

Campaign microsite – Wickedweb executed the design and build for the ’art and eat’ microsite. This features a full gallery of works. Customers are able to purchase limited edition prints of the work by clicking through to moniker’s online store.

Twitter - As the brand voice, the PR agency Kazoo steered the Twitter activity.  Wickedweb’s remit was to integrate the mechanics.  This involved pulling the dynamic Twitter updates through to the microsite templates via an API feed.  To push engagement, diners are encouraged to join the ’art and eat’ debate and follow by tweeting their comments on the artist at #artandeat.  This will give them a chance to win tickets to art events, wagamama vouchers and Cedar Lewishon’s latest book ‘Abstract Grafitti’.

Video content – Wickedweb are integrating dynamic content from YouTube into the microsite by way of a generic trailer and a time lapse production for each artist.

Email campaign – Design, build and broadcast of a campaign awareness email to an existing customer database of 400,000.

QR code campaign – Campaign QR codes featured on in-store placemats driving diners to the microsite.

Online creative concept - Wickedweb created the online logo for the campaign and rolled this out across digital assets.

Creative execution

Our creative strategy for the proposition was to create an identity that was ‘urban’ yet could still sit closely with the wagamama brand. There were elements of grungy street art alongside clean, minimalist layouts. This was achieved by using the wagamama brand fonts but we gave elements a grungy feel by using ‘worn’ effects. The sticker idea for #artandeat was used as we felt that it could be associated with street art, graffiti and ‘tagging’.

The website that was created needed to be minimal and modern so on the home page we allowed the artwork to speak for itself and made that the hero. It was also important for us to feature the Tweets so these were made a constant throughout the site and put in the footer across the bottom that updated live as tweets about the artists were made.

The whole creative approach was considered and rolled out to work in synergy across various media.   Wickedweb also designed the bookmarks and placemats, which featured the artists’ works and held QR codes that linked directly through to the artist page on the website.

The Results

This campaign is planned to launch at different intervals, depending on the restaurant. Therefore, actual results are limited at this stage as the first restaurant launched on the 28 September and the campaign will run until 20 November.

However, this campaign had robust objectives to meet around elevating the brand and providing engagement.  Collectively, we feel that the wagamama brand has entered the ‘lifestyle’ space and remains a ‘cool’, current and relevant brand.  This is endorsed by the fact that wagamama features in the CoolBrands Directory for 2011/2012. This ‘cool’ brand status will no doubt be endorsed by the association with Moniker projects.

The majority of the traffic to the wagamama website since launch so far has come direct, which demonstrates brand and campaign awareness.  In fact, 79.78% of traffic to the site are new visits.

Art is an accessible and engaging platform, and Wickedweb has executed solutions to bring this alive in the digital arena to support the overall campaign.  The ‘art and eat’ debate is an inspired idea, and we are thrilled to have provided the mechanics to engage the diners further and increase the reach of the campaign.

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