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Visit London / O2

Website design, CSS and HTML development

We designed a strong, modern and vibrant website using the dynamic O2 colour pallet and exciting gymnastics photography. The design promotes the event, the sport and the competitors in the championship, and provides exposure for all the key companies involved.

It has been designed to be accessible, based on best practice, with good usability for all users - the clean design is especially of benefit to the international visiting audience. With the London skyline in the header, London is celebrated without being overtly British and the CSS/HTML development was built to the highest standards for transfer onto the O2 server.

The web design is striking and creates impact on a user's first visit. It also communicates the discipline and energy in gymnastics by the balanced style and bold creative treatment.

Template from Visit London's new Web Design Sample Imagery from Visit London's Website Design Marketing Strategy Online for Visit London

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