Vega BG

Vega & Selex SI

Web design, search engine optimisation, Alterian CMS

Taking the Finmeccanica brand guidelines and adapting them for these high profile, professional organisations, Wickedweb developed an exciting web design interface that clearly communicated the credible, corporate and sharp brand values and the importance of the business markets Vega and Selex SI operate in. With the time poor, professional audience in mind, we ensured that key content was never hidden in the site hierarchy and that the navigation and call outs made the user journey as simple as possible. It is important in web design projects like this that we make all content accessible from a search engine optimisation point of view.

The image style was key in communicating the different business services offered by both Vega and Selex SI so there is differentiation where it adds value to the users, but the consistent presentation of the templates ensured that the transition throughout the Group was seamless. Wickedweb delivered the web design templates on the Alterian Content Management System, Immediacy, Vega's long term CMS partner, giving administrators control of the content and the tools needed for template flexibility.

The new templates were then developed for international use and Vega benefits from easily managing this portfolio of multi territory websites from the one central platform. Territories to date include the UK, Germany and France.

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