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As a long standing preferred supplier to The Telegraph, Wickedweb was appointed to build the online Cruise Planner which was a tool to allow users to explore the world of cruising.  Containing both editorial content, such as information about the various ports and holidays packages, and advertorial content in the form of cruise company promotions, the interactive web application provides users with a complete cruising resource to aid their holiday decisions.

The cruise planner is searchable by destination, date and operator and visitors are presented with results on a global Google map which plots the potential cruise routes and highlights itineraries as the ports flash in order of the trip visits.

The scrolling flash bar of cruise liners at the top of the Google map allows users to click for more information on each ship, and clicking on the ports opens the Google information window containing destination information for tourists.

The web application tool is a one-stop online resource for everything needed to plan, research and book a cruise that is updateable via a bespoke content management system and the client commented:

“Wickedweb are a highly professional, focused, creative agency, adding to the project as well as delivering the project. With the initial brief the Cruise Planner looked like quite a straightforward product, however the opportunity was too good to miss and the scope of the product quickly increased. With more latitude in the product, Wickedweb were able to assist in the direction of the application development, as well as ensure that all sponsors were catered for. Always accessible and helpful, their timely delivery was well received by both internal and external users. A great product has been added to the site and all involved should be suitably proud of the web application, its functionality and the delivery of the project, both to time and budget.”
Andrew Lloyd-Seetim, Project Manager

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