The Little Dress Website Design

The Little Dress Company

eCommerce, Content Management System, website design

The Client

The Little Dress Company was created by Stacey Blair, who’s passion for creating hand-made unique clothing became her profession. Stacey creates original, limited edition dresses using an eclectic range of materials from all over the world.

The Strategy

We worked very closely with Stacey throughout the strategy process to gain a clear understanding of who The Little Dress Company was targeting and the brand style that we should portray through the website, whilst ensuring that the ecommerce and CMS functionality isn’t confused by the creative.

The Solution

Stacey had no experience of working with websites, not to mention ecommerce platforms when she first came to Wickedweb for help, so we pointed her towards our own in-house ecommerce content management system, WickedwebCMS. This is the perfect solution for start-ups and SME’s as it is so simple to use and can still have a high class, tailored look. The design was intended to be an extension of Stacey’s beautiful creations, giving visitors a tactile hand-made feel to their online experience.

The Result

The end result from Wickedweb was a site that is very in-keeping with the products sold and has really captured the heart of The Little Dress Company.

Little dress 1 Little dress 2 Little dress 3 Little dress 4

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