Teachers Whisky

Campaign website, social network strategy

The blended Scotch Whisky market is in decline due to an ageing consumer base and lack of recruitment into the category over recent years, with little relevance amongst younger consumers, and Teachers Whisky wanted to challenge this trend.

The brief was to deliver two digital solutions – the first, a promotional website to drive awareness of the whisky and its superiority as a single malt, and the second, a social network that encouraged the male target audience to discuss their hobbies and activities, as experts in their interest areas, under the Teachers brand, giving it talkability, but also a place in their lives with the aim of increasing consumption.

The selected communication vehicle was the brand’s 2008 ‘Create Your Space’ campaign which, for 2009, was translated into a social strong social network strategy, accurately positioning the network, which we created on Ning and allowed users to create profiles, join and create groups, share photos, videos and links and discuss their pastimes.  In addition, users could rate images and posts and the most popular group, or club, became known as the ‘club of clubs’ with additional promotional incentives for the members.

Wickedweb’s social network strategy not only focused on the delivery of the platform using Ning, to provide an established, popular and affordable solution to the brief, but also on traffic driving initiatives, including social media seeding and search engine optimisation, to achieve maximum volumes of inbound traffic and on-site engagement.

Teachers Whisky Website Design Teachers Whisky Website Design Teachers Whisky Website Design

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