Shudoo Fashion

Strategy, branding, web design, ecommerce

Wickedweb was enlisted to rename and rebrand the fashionable shoe retailer 'Ugs & Kisses' whilst retaining the customer base and the companies excellent search engine optimisation. Alongside the rebrand,

Wickedweb were tasked with improving the company's web design by re-evaluating the user experience, implementing an improved eCommerce system with integrated stock control system.

An extensive usability study and brand proposition workshop was conducted to ensure that 'Shudoo' as it came to be known, matched the expectations and needs of its target audience. Once personas were worked up, a mission statement was created alongside a set of core company values. Only when these were in place did Wickedweb begin to look at name generation, these were

  • A recognisable name and identity which retained aspects of the Ugs & Kisses brand and communication strategy to ease the transition for existing customers.
  • A strong identity which reinforced the full Shudoo offering from day one.
  • A stylish and easily navigable website with innovative 'shoe finder', blog and size matrix to maximise user experience.

The end result from Wickedweb was a site and identity which positioned Shudoo as an innovative leader as well as respectable and trustworthy retailer of new fashion footwear. Largely retained SEO rankings which continue to improve today and a set of ideals which have helped focus and shape the company across all media, both online and offline.

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