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The Client

Schülke are the international specialists in infection control products, hygiene, disinfection and preservation, and are a long standing client of Wickedweb. The UK website was over- hauled by us a year ago and Wickedweb manage ongoing developments to the site and the digital strategy. One of schülke’s key objectives is to maintain their leading position in the market by ensuring the brand engages with its audience in an innovative way.

The Challenge

Following the website re-brand, schülke were keen to enforce this re-positioning, increase traffic to the site and encourage repeat visits. It was also paramount that we worked on raising awareness for the brand. Wickedweb advised creating a members area for the main schülke website as part of the content strategy, in order to bring engagement with the audience to the fore. In addition, a dedicated microsite for the dental portfolio was created to support a key campaign.

Our recommendation also included launching social media activity for the first time, which underpinned their data acquisition objectives.

The Strategy

Wickedweb implemented a range of activity to maximise the results and meet these objectives.  Our solution involved developments to the main schülke website, video content integration, a campaign microsite, social media and SEO activity.

• Website development – ‘Members Area’

Firstly, we created and executed developments to the website to include a Members Area. The site is built on the award-winning WickedwebCMS and this functionality is available as an additional module.  

Schülke were keen to add a fun element and there is a section dedicated to this on the site. Aspects of this can only be accessed when a user is logged in, along with further content such as product / safety information sheets to download and screensavers. The registration process for this Members Area is geared towards capturing information that schülke can utilise for customer profiling purposes. Wickedweb built a database that supports schülke’s CRM strategy, which will roll out in due course.

• Schülke TV

Wickedweb collated all video content for the client, and created a dedicated area on the schülke website to showcase this portfolio.  We worked with our partner Rackspace to provide Cloud hosting, which is scalable as this channel grows.  This was part of the content strategy to ensure there is an engaging mix of information on the website.  There is a range of content in the schülke TV section; from instructional videos for members to videos of schülke’s community programmes. 

• Microsite and digital marketing campaign – ‘Compare the Mikrozid’

The industry launched new guidelines around surface decontamination and schülke were keen to position themselves as a thought leader and generate ‘noise’ around this topical development.  This also tied in well with a related new product launch for schülke. Wickedweb’s recommendation was to create an engaging microsite to include the new guidelines, which outlines the cleaning standards and routines that are expected for the decontamination of dental surgeries and treatment rooms.  There was also a great opportunity here to showcase the new product range, and in order to elevate the viral element of the microsite a game is also featured.  Leading on the decontamination theme, the game involved eradicating as many bugs as possible in 60 seconds with a results table displaying performance. 

The microsite features ‘Mike Mikrozid’ – a character depicting schülke’s leading dental product. Mike is an integral part of the marketing strategy for the dental portfolio and so he was pulled through into the digital activity. 

In order to drive traffic to the site, Wickedweb focused on using social media for schülke which was virgin territory.  A Facebook page was set up for Mike Mikrozid which brings his character and the schülke brand to life.  In addition, you can follow Mike on Twitter. The initial set up was managed by Wickedweb as was the campaign content.  Following this, the reigns were handed over to the client to syndicate content thereafter and maintain the momentum – which is key to driving repeat visits to the website.  The objective here was to increase reach for the brand and illustrate a personality which sets schülke apart from the competition.

• SEO activity

To further increase traffic volumes, Wickedweb have implemented an SEO strategy following a comprehensive audit.  This has been a success, with results improving month on month since January 2011.  Due to improved rankings, the reach history has improved 141%.  Tactics have been employed across a range of key search terms, resulting in consistent page 1 results on Google.

The Results

Wickedweb have implemented a range of solutions to meet schülke’s objectives, with positive results. Developments to the main website have created a strong platform for presenting engaging content, which can evolve over time.  Running the ‘Compare the Mikrozid’ campaign microsite alongside these developments has elevated the brand further, and an uplift of 45% in traffic to the microsite was achieved at the point the social media activity was executed.

Client testimonial

"Wickedweb were integral to the launch of our re designed site which was intended to make us and our products and services more accessible to our customers. Wickedweb continue to support us both creatively and technically in our online activity as pioneers of infection prevention".

Nicola Furniss - Senior Product Manager - Schülke

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