Roedean School

Roedean School

Web design, Content Management System

The old Roedean website, built 4 years ago, failed to communicate this unique brand positioning and the passion and quality of learning at the school. The brief was to ensure that the brand was better portrayed and the website design, user journey and functionality all catered for the wide variety of audiences and content types. Ultimately, the website needed to work as a key communication tool and a sales tool, generating leads and driving enrolment and admissions.

Through user research, involving students of different ages, teaching staff and parent associations, we were able to successfully position the website as warm, inviting, quirky and unpretentious, whilst maintaining a high quality and professional finish. The key messages are clearly communicated and the different content requirements are all catered for with parent bulletins, a teacher directory and course information all in one place.

Powered by the Wickedweb CMS platform, content editors at Roedean are able to edit, update and add new content, and the blog, forum and event calendar modules have provided a higher level of interactivity with the audience, portraying the student voice and Roedean school ethos. The new photo gallery allows site visitors to really see Roedean for themselves and from a content editors perspective, the new image resizing and thumbnail cropping tool, built into the CMS, makes adding images easier than ever before.

The website is truly a market leader in its field, with value added functionality and premium design enjoyed by all the visitors, and an intuitive, powerful content management system that continues to deliver return on investment.

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