Rank Hovis

Rank Hovis

Web design, Content Management System

The main objectives was to refresh the user interface with a new web design and layout, corresponding to the new brand positioning of the company. In addition a proactive marketing tool was required to attract leading bakers to the company, and to help position Rank Hovis as the UK's premier leading flour miller.

The new web design features vibrant and unique design trends, presenting the content in a modern and attractive style, injecting life into the information for the audience of bakers. As a trade website, it has sifted Rank Hovis apart from its competitors - the intriguing and colourful web design is a break away from the traditional B2B websites within the industry. The member login provides bakers with even more benefits, such as quick online ordering of merchandise packs to use in their window and shelf displays and a recipe finder. There is also a quick link through to Rank Hovis' Electronic Billing System.

The new Rank Hovis website is powered by Wickedweb's content management system, allowing Rank Hovis administrators to manage the content.

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