NSPCC website design


Website design and build, content management system, email marketing

Without even waiting for a starting gun, we were away. Keeping the Lycra to a minimum, we designed and built a website which created a strong online identity for the Big Bike Ride, and set a benchmark for British charities.

Moving up a gear, we added interactive elements, a newsletter sign-up facility, generated social currency by using features like 'send to a friend', and enabled bikers to create their own sponsorship page. The latest incarnation of the Big Bike Ride website is integrated with the Wickedweb CMS and is proving to be invaluable allowing for immediate content changes.

Literally on a roll, we threw in photo galleries and a video element, integrating with social media platforms like Flickr and YouTube, filled a page with helpful information on how to have a safe ride and, as if that wasn't enough, gave brave bikers the necessary resources to set up their own ride event.

NSPCC Big Bike Ride1-thumb NSPCC Big Bike Ride2-thumb

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