Email marketing campaigns

With a wide range of messages to communicate to the millions of loyalty card holders on Nectar database, Loyalty Management UK (LMUK) presented Wickedweb with the challenge to simplify the scheme’s email campaigns in order to increase user engagement and conversion to point redemption.

There were two phases to Wickedweb’s design approach – initially the focus was on creating a theme that would identify the different communications from each other, using colour to signify point updates, redemption offers, business rewards and coupon mailing alerts.  This made it easier for recipients to understand the key messages.

Secondly, Wickedweb worked alongside Loyalty Management UK’s branding agency, Dave, on the rebrand and recard exercise, seeing Nectar adopt a more contemporary, engaging and confident identity.  As the members received new cards in the post, Wickedweb explored the new brand guidelines in the digital environment and presented LMUK with new look email marketing templates to ensure synergy across the communications.

Split testing personalisation and subject lines ensured the strategy was developed alongside the recipient’s preferences and key performance indicators were tracked and monitored, demonstrating positive improvements and delivering return on investment.

To boost conversion still further, Wickedweb introduced customised content into the once generic emails, providing useful, local information for recipients based on previous redemption history and postcode, to engage them with the brand and soften the sales approach which was extremely well received.  Adding a personal touch with recipient testimonials and photos of benefits delivered from the rewards scheme encouraged recipients to interact with the brand offers and open rates rose as a result.

Finally, where it added value, Wickedweb included animated gifs to add movement and excitement to the emails, highlighting key messages and demonstrating the fun side of the brand which has partnerships with Amazon, Thorpe Park and  to make collecting and spending points even more valuable for card holders.

Building the HTML emails to best practice standards, delivering both quantity and quality, as well as consistently improved open, click through and conversion rates, Wickedweb’s campaign success is testament to the agency’s ability to quickly understand complex organisations and deliver digital marketing strategies that develop brands and provide impressive return on investment.

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