Miss Sixty

Miss Sixty Fashion

Email marketing, CRM

Working with the PR agency and merchandising teams, we planned the email marketing campaigns establishing the forthcoming communication themes and broadcast schedule; but the email design brief was open and we interpreted each message perfectly, reflecting the cutting edge design and sexy, aspirational style of the brand.

Promoting the trendy Miss Sixty brand as much as the products themselves, our e-shots were geared to capture public attention. Competitions and giveaways successfully encouraged recipients to 'forward to a friend', maximising the audience exposure and ensuring consumer interaction with the brand, whilst in-store events boosted footfall as recipients took their email invites for exclusive event access.

Attaining email open rates well above average, often as high as 50%, the campaign was awarded Best Retail Email Communication in 2009 by the Interactive Advertising Competition for innovation in design, copywriting, impact and use of the email marketing medium.

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