Website design, eCommerce, content management system

Earrings, necklaces and bracelets... but because they're all 'Fair Trade' they make a real difference. And because the website is clean, stylish and user-friendly, it makes a real difference, too.

Made approached Wickedweb for a new website design that truly reflected their remarkable brand and its ethical values. Our task was to engage the visitor with the 'Fair Trade' philosophy, educate them as why they should consider buying ethically, encourage them to browse through the jewellery and lead them into a purchase.

Wickedweb designed and built a crisp and contemporary ecommerce website that combined both an online jewellery 'shop' as well as fascinating information on the products, the designers, the East African projects that benefit and made's 'trade not aid' mentality.

There's been a fantastic response from visitors to the website and, thanks to an initial press launch in You Magazine, a constant stream of custom. The client can also easily and continually update the website content and products in-house with the intuitive bespoke product content management system.

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