Hidden Hearing

Hidden Hearing

Online marketing strategy, website design, Content Management System

The Client

Hidden Hearing is one of the leading private hearing healthcare providers in the UK.  The company has helped hundreds of thousands of people enjoy the benefits of clearer hearing over the last 40 years and now has over 78 branches around the country.

The existing website was proving restrictive for Hidden Hearing, as design and functionality amends are requiring long lead times and are proving expensive. In addition, the website was not search engine friendly or user friendly so it is underperforming compared with its potential to lead the market online, as well as off.

The Strategy

Wickedweb were tasked with the redesign and build of the Hidden Hearing website. The approach for the new website was to provide:

  • A simple and user friendly site in all browsers and mobile (with full javascript replacement)
  • An easy to use and operator friendly CMS enabling immediate updates
  • Has an easy and logical customer journey
  • Is SEO friendly
  • An improved shopping experience in the ‘Hidden Hearing Accessory Shop’ including payment integration
  • News module, newsletter module, a bespoke store finder module which as well as using Google maps allows users to search for their nearest store and see a detail page about it with all relevant information
  • Appointment bookings form which locates your nearest store based on postcode

The Results

Whether it’s just advice or a product you are looking to buy, the new Hidden Hearing website allows trouble-free access to a huge range of hearing related products and services, through a simple and easy shopping process.

The website enables visitors to locate their nearest Hidden Hearing store, buy products online, read customer testimonials, and gain important information and latest news.

Following launch, the Hidden Hearing website has received fantastic results, highlighting increased customer engagement and conversion. In terms of email marketing, Hidden Hearing has seen a 26% average open rate, almost 10% higher than the industry benchmark, and an average click-through rate of 24.5%, over 20% higher than the industry benchmark.

In terms of search engine optimisation, Hidden Hearing’s main goals from January to November 2012 were to drive more conversions and refer increased numbers of visitors. In order to meet our client’s objectives, from January to November we have referred a higher quality of traffic, ensuring visitor conversion. We also improved localised visibility to ensure the website is as relevant as possible in searches. In terms of engagement results, in October 2012, Hidden Hearing saw 71% higher traffic (compared to October 2011). What’s more, conversion rates have increased by 109% compared to 2011’s peak month (August).

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