Website design, content management system, bespoke module development

Winner of Chambers of the year 2009, Hardwicke is a prestigious and highly regarded Chamber of barristers located in the heart of the capital. They have an extensive level of expertise and service over 50 divisions of law from Civil Fraud to Social Housing by more than 80 dedicated barristers.

In 2009, Hardwicke underwent a rebrand and approached Wickedweb with a creative brief to reflect this rejuvenation online. Hardwicke also felt their old website was difficult to maintain as most areas were non-editable, and so provided a functionality brief to build a site which could be easily updated. Thus, the key purpose of the project was to sit the updated website on the WickedwebCMS.

Wickedweb built a host of bespoke modules to tailor the CMS to Hardwicke’s requirements. The barrister module for example has allowed Hardwicke to easily manage the CVs of over 80 barristers and using the tagging functionality, link them to their divisions and Core Practice Areas throughout the site. Essentially this allows Hardwicke to interlink the entire site; enhancing the usability of the site. This is also fantastic for SEO! Additional bespoke modules have been built to support Hardwicke with their press management including their newsletters, articles and case studies.

The new website has been particularly successful with Hardwicke in terms of maintenance, as they now have the freedom to update information at ease via the user friendly WickedwebCMS.

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