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The Client

Wickedweb are excited to work with one of the world’s first companies to launch a brand dedicated to iPod docking stations and accessories.  GEAR4 are owned and managed by Disruptive Ltd, and are passionate about music and the capability of the iPod, iPad and iPhone. This presented an interesting project to Wickedweb as we needed to translate this passion into a brand led ecommerce website with an exceptional user experience.

The Challenge

We were tasked to develop a website for three territories, (UK, France and the US) which would enable this rapidly growing brand to capitalise on the increasing demand for iPod, iPhone and iPad accessories. Wickedweb had two key objectives to deliver against: firstly to showcase GEAR4’s product innovation and secondly to provide an additional channel to market alongside their offline focus.

The Solution

In order to engage the user, Wickedweb’s approach was to ensure first and foremost that the creative execution was brand led, and subsequently arresting enough to evoke desire to purchase.   

We were able to utilise a fantastic portfolio of image collateral; and products can be seen in 360 degree rotations which the user can manipulate on selected product detail pages within the site. This helped to build on existing branding and was seeking to emulate the tactile element of a customer handling a product in store.

Creating awareness of GEAR4’s innovative technology was fundamental and Wickedweb mirrored this in the design and functionality of the site. The Product Showcase area is a testament to this, using Flash and Javascript (for non Flash enabled devices) for an engaging user interface. As a result, the user can interact with GEAR4’s products via the website. The UnityRemote product is a good example of how the website achieved this.

Our solution to GEAR4 also involved implementing the award winning Wickedweb content management system and e-Commerce platform across the localities. Our in-house platform was perfect for this task as it allows the CMS user to indicate different tax levels according to the location of purchase. It also integrates seamlessly with payment providers and fulfilment houses.

The Result

Wickedweb have delivered a website that meets GEAR4’s number 1 objective – to provide a brand experience to customers. Users are now able to interact and explore products in the ‘Showcase’ area which builds engagement, and drives commerce. In addition there has been noticeable growth in organic search results, leading to increased brand awareness. Wickedweb are working on further exciting developments with GEAR4 as our relationship deepens.

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