Fairtrade Foundation

Fairtrade Foundation

Flash game

The Client

June 2010 brought much excitement for most around the world, It was the month that the World Cup 2010 kicked off in South Africa.

In conjunction with this the Fairtrade Foundation launched it’s a ‘Sip for South Africa’ campaign to persuade football fans to switch their favoured drink to Fairtrade and help support Fairtrade farmers, workers and their communities in South Africa.

The Strategy

Wickedweb was approached by the Fairtrade Foundation to develop a fun and entertaining online game that will help raise awareness of Fairtrade South African wine around the time of the 2010 World Cup.  With a football focus, the game was simple and therefore addictive to play, but with information in the introduction and following screens, also educated players on the benefits to workers when Fairtrade products are purchased.

The Solution

The idea of the game was to keep the ball in the air by successfully heading it.  The ball would fall into the game from the top of the screen and bounce in any direction depending on where it hits the character’s head. It was the player’s job to move the character under the ball, keeping it in the air. The ball would bounce back into play from the left and right frame surrounding the game, and gravity would bring the ball back into play from the top. The player controls the characters movement along the X-axis by moving their mouse left to right. As soon as the ball falls below the character’s head, the game is over.  As time progresses, the game would become increasingly difficult.

The Result

Wickedweb helped produce an original marketing tool for the Fairtrade Foundation to get the message out about Fairtrade produce in South Africa.

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