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Email marketing campaign for men's fashion label

Top men's fashion label, Energie were looking for an email marketing campaign to complement their effortlessly edgy clothing range. Enter Wickedweb, one of the few creative email marketing agencies with genuine fashion sense...

We created a series of high-impact emails that reflected Energie's strong focus on cutting-edge design.

Making the most of Energie's extensive mailing database, we then chose opportune moments in the fashion calendar to fire our creative into email inboxes all over the UK. Recipients were successfully encouraged to spread the word, tempted with a range of stylish prizes and cash savings.

We absolutely did not print off our own 10% off vouchers and race down to our nearest Energie store for a spending spree. We wouldn't do that. Honest.

The email marketing campaigns were, and continue to be, a major boost to both the brand and business.

Open rates have been extremely successful, with mail order thriving and store tills ringing to the sound of happy customers.

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