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Intranet application, website design, employee engagement, bespoke functionality


EC Harris is the leading international Built Asset Consultancy’s, helping clients make the most from their investment and expenditure in built assets.  International in their approach, EC Harris is a large organisation employing over 2000 in the UK alone.

EC Harris approached Wickedweb for a solution to be hosted on their existing Intranet.  The brief was for Wickedweb to conceive an application that would allow their employees to clearly identify career routes through their company, and encourage personal development within roles.


The real challenge Wickedweb faced on this project was to simplify the EC Harris career structure. At present, there are 7service lines within EC Harris and more than 51 roles and responsibilities that a user can take on. Employees can progress to a desired role through multiple paths and so ensuring that each instance was recognised in an easy to follow manner was essential. EC Harris were also keen that the hierarchy for the roles remained flat – no preference should be shown for one over another.

Wickedweb delivered a solution that engaged the employee, and presented career progression options in a logical, informative way. This heavily supported the Learning & Development department’s objectives in ensuring employees are able to swiftly identify their opportunities within the organisation and manage their advancement within EC Harris.


Our developers started the journey with the ability for the user to locate their current position within the EC Harris role structure, either via search mechanism or by searching through a specific service line. From here, they can clearly see the succeeding roles available to them - and by selecting one they can view details relating to this position including key attributes and skill set. A user can then continue to see how they can progress within EC Harris, by repeating this process; for each role selected, choosing a preferred succeeding position. 

As each role choice is made, this is added onto the bespoke breadcrumb trail, which builds to show a user their chosen career path.

To support the user further during this process, the global navigation includedlinks to diagnostic tools which encourage the user to improve their self-understanding and case studies, of current team members who share their experience at EC Harris and how they have gotten to where they are today.

Whilst the purpose of this intranet tool was primarily intended to engage the employee, it also needed an interface that the Learning & Development team could interact with in order to keep key information up to date. We developed a bespoke admin panel for EC Harris to allow for 1) new roles to be added within individual service lines; 2) roles to be moved around and 3) roles to be removed or updated where necessary. From the admin panel, administrators can also control the succeeding roles available for a position ensuring that the framework can grow alongside the EC Harris business.

(Please note we are unable to provide links to the tool, but have included screengrabs to illustrate the concept.  Please contact us to discuss if you require further information)


This framework has been very well received by the business. There is a high level of employee traffic to the tool, and in addition the framework is utilised during presentations and meetings which is above and beyond the intended use.

This tool currently covers the consultancy roles within the organisation, but there are plans in the future to expand the application to include further departments within the business such as HR, Marketing and Finance for example.

Wickedweb look forward to evolving this framework alongside the exciting growth of the business.


Client Testimonial

“Wickedweb provided EC Harris with the design and functionality of a career map designed to support the following key outcomes: 

• Visibility of roles and role requirements in our organisational matrix 

• Personal ownership of career development

• Identification of personal strengths and development of appropriate targets and development plans

• Identification of linear and non-linear career paths

Wickedweb delivered against the brief, introduced creative design concepts and quickly understood our needs. 

We would recommend Wickedweb for similar projects”

EC Harris.

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