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The Client

Chaucer is an independent global management consultancy, providing tailored, hands-on and flexible support to clients in the delivery of strategic business projects and programmes. Established in 1987, Chaucer now operates on a global scale and has completed over 3000 projects worldwide.

Chaucer approached Wickedweb as they were aware of the limitations of their existing website. It was clear the site had not been an active marketing tool, and could work much harder at lead generation. With an impressive set of credentials and clients, Chaucer is very well positioned within the market - and Wickedweb were keen to harness this potential and build a solution that would maximize Chaucer's growth for the future.

The Challenge

At the outset of this project, Chaucer put challenging KPI's in place with regards to enquiry generation via the website. Wickedweb were tasked with a complete design and build overhaul of the website. The need for this was two-fold: to showcase Chaucer's brand values and personality, and to manage a strategy around content which needed to be engaging and credible to prospects.

Furthermore, there was also a requirement for Wickedweb to implement a Content Management System for Chaucer that met the current brief and was scalable for future needs.

Overall, underpinning this project was a salient challenge that had to be met: How can Wickedweb convey and implement Chaucer's approachable and friendly business approach across their website?

The Strategy

Wickedweb deployed this solution on the award-winning PHP Wickedweb CMS, which delivers a comprehensive suite of modules to meet existing and future requirements. Our strategy was to consider each of the elements below, which collectively work together to achieve the site's objectives:

• Enquiry mechanics

The success of this site will be measured on the number of enquiries generated and subsequently converted. Enquiries are encouraged in three ways: the request for a proposal form, the general contact us form and the career application form. Goal conversion KPI's are in place to measure these enquiry points via Google Analytics. These enquiries write to a database, which actively contributes to Chaucer's data acquisition strategy.

• Brand and design treatment

As experts in this area, Wickedweb approached this project by firstly considering the Chaucer brand. There was a clear set of core values to build in to this website which focused on their USP: they are more approachable and hands on than their competitors. This personable style had to permeate through, and Wickedweb's solution was a design led approach which focused closely on the imagery used throughout. The colour palette was soft but confident, in order to position Chaucer as a major player in their industry against the likes of Accenture and Deloitte.

• Use of photography

Rather than use stock imagery to portray team members, the website uses bespoke lifestyle photography of real people working for the Chaucer team to build familiarity and warmth.

• Blog functionality

Wickedweb took the photography rationale one step further by showcasing the expertise of the Chaucer teams. We introduced blog functionality as a module on the website so that team members have a platform to publish their views on key topics. This re-enforces Chaucer's 'thought leader' positioning within the consulting market, and drives repeat visits to the site.

• Case studies and insights

A case study module was executed in order to allow Chaucer to display the work undertaken for clients. This is a key area of the site, intended to drive enquiries. Case studies can be filtered by service area and also sector. The 'insights' section further positions Chaucer's expertise as key to their proposition, demonstrating the sectors of strength.

• Content and site-wide tagging

As part of the content strategy, it was essential that key information was kept together on relevant pages. For example, a case study can be 'tagged' by service and sector to ensure they pull through in to the service / sector landing page.

Search functionality was implemented as the website featured a wealth of content across the services, insights and projects areas. This was intended to ensure that information is found quickly, leading to swifter enquiries and conversions.

The Results

This site was launched in June 2011, and so it is too early to report on results. However results will be updated in the coming weeks. In summary, Wickedweb is confident the solution implemented will turn around previous low levels of traffic and take the Chaucer brand to the next level. SEO and PPC will play a key part of the digital strategy for Chaucer going forward and Wickedweb look forward to achieving hard hitting results.

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