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Branding, web design, ecommerce, search engine optimisation, pay per click

Pursue further expansion by using PPC. Additional objectives were to establish Bownanna's position at the forefront of luxury footwear and accessory retailing and to increase sales at the same time as reducing the cost per acquisition.

The pay per click campaigns were structured in line with Wickedweb's process management systems across the Google and Yahoo networks with multiple, targeted campaigns, 24 ad-groups and 2000 keywords. Wickedweb used negative phrases to eliminate irrelevant clicks, created both search and content campaigns with lower cost per click and targeted specific fashion themed sites on Google's content network.

As part of Wickedweb's online marketing services, Bownanna receive a structured PPC campaign, analytics and conversion codes by tagging pages and ad URL's, monthly meetings with Wickedweb recommending landing page alterations based on user journey analysis, multivariate and A/B split testing of landing pages and KPI reporting.

There was an upsurge in sales which exceeded expectations past our initial forecast. As a result of editing the sites on Google content network, almost half the sales generated were sourced from targeted content sites. The benchmark used to measure success was our cost reduction techniques, and the ultimate increase in conversion/ sales. Our achievements were a 22% reduction in cost, 35% sales increase and ROI up by over 19%.

Search engine optimsation strategy for Bownanna Social Media Campaign as Part of Online Marketing Campaign bownanna4

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