Belron International

Web application development, website design

Laddaw, part of the global brand Belron International Ltd, approached Wickedweb with a requirement to design and develop a web application for a back office online ordering platform.

The purpose of the web application, was to enable Belron's in-house Account Managers, who work on the Laddaw brand, to easily place orders with their central warehouse using an integrated database and file sharing system.

Wickedweb responded to the client requirement and set to work understanding the user engagement and fundamental user journey before developing the web application.

By adopting our own bespoke methodology to user centered design, we were quickly able to determine the best possible user journey - encompassing data entry, ease of administration, clarity through design and fast loading interface.

Once the user interface had been signed-off, technical integration began combining a collaborative approach with the client using both Microsoft .Net 2.0 environment and Share-Point.

Following a final user acceptance testing of the interface, the entire platform was handed over to their in-house team to continue with the ongoing operation and support.

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