Beachcomber Tours

Beachcomber Tours

Search engine optimisation strategy and implementation

The Client

Beachcomber Tours are a travel company who are specialists in holidays to Mauritius and appointed Wickedweb as their SEO Agency of choice, due to our vast experience of working with niche and high end travel companies.
The brief for Wickedweb was to achieve page high organic rankings on as many “Mauritius Holiday” related keywords as possible and to drive targeted, relevant traffic from additional holiday related phrases where applicable. The project was to deliver an increase in traffic that could be directly correlated to an increase in travel bookings and enquiries.

The Strategy

The strategy followed the main elements of SEO used by Wickedweb:

  • Keyword Research & Strategy – all relevant keywords identified and prioritised according to their volume, relevance and competition levels. Wickedweb made additional recommendations regarding the product/service areas that drove higher margins and where Beachcomber Tours had competitive advantage.
  • HTML and site architecture - making extensive recommendations to improve both indexing and keyword rankings. Additional recommendations were made with regards to functionality of the content management system that would enable the site to perform better.
  • Content Optimisation – Wickedweb applied the Keyword Strategy to the website’s content and optimised specific pages in line with this strategy. Additional recommendations were made to develop new content in line with the strategy.
  • Link Profile Analysis – Wickedweb reviewed the link profile of Beachcomber Tours and benchmarked it against the sites performing well within the category. Recommendations were made regarding the terms to target in the link building activity.

The Solution

The solution was to target top-level keywords associated to “Mauritius holidays”, whilst paying close attention to “luxury Mauritius holidays” and “all-inclusive Mauritius holidays” – these keywords would offer an integrated keyword strategy, whilst developing rankings on the most targeted terms. The strategy also focussed on hotel-specific terms in order to drive traffic from brand-aware visitors or repeat purchasers. These customers were identified as having a greater tendency to book/enquire. The final element was to target group-related bookings i.e. “family holidays Mauritius” and “weddings in Mauritius.”

The Results

  • Page 1 rankings for target keywords have increased from 23 to 45 in 6 months.
  • are now on page 1 of Google WWS for “Mauritius holidays”.
  • Organic traffic is up over 9% in 2010 compared to the same period in 2009.
  • Keyword traffic (excluding brand terms) is up 33.6% in 2010 compared to the same period in 2009.
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