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30 Apr 2010

You had me at "digital..."

by Mark Townsend

The way each of us view the World Wide Web is an experience unique to our own interests, dictating on where our digital travels take us. So with the digital world becoming more dynamic by the day from more real time results, (provided by the more popular search engines and dynamic websites continuing to upgrade the content) we are constantly required to install, upgrade and update our systems no matter our travels. 

This move to become more dynamic has pushed "static" websites out of the picture and more importantly out of the search results, seeing more of us creating our own network with a large amount content being updated regularly. A common example for a business keeping digital sees them maintaining and optimising a dynamic website, tweeting about notes of relevance, providing customers/clients with Facebook activity and more. This is a task not lightly approached compared to the previous "static" website with the same content for months on end. 

As we know the WWW is always moving forwards, although I believe we can happily say creating and maintaining a large digital presence will be hugely beneficial regarding business for some time yet, even if the tools we use achieve this take a few turns here and there. 

Living in this digital world we are never shocked when technologies move forward, but sometimes we are impressed. Some of the changes that caught my eye recently included the way we browse. We haven't seen many new brands moving in new browsers over the past couple of years until Chrome came along. As the power struggle continues with the long lasting few we saw this new browser emerge in the top three, which set out around September 2008 saw a continuing rise, from 3% of the whole market in September to a staggering 12.3% in March 2010. (stats). This means Safari and Opera are providing a browsing experience for only a small part and the market is left between Internet Explorer (34.9%), Firefox (46.2%) and Chrome (12.3%). If Chrome’s presence shows no sign slowing down I can see some real competition starting here.

For the future we have had seen Facebook claim to be taking on Google: "Facebook's bid to rule the web as it goes social" and similarly Yahoo are confident "Google will have a problem" for its future due to lack of branching out in terms of business as well.

To confirm the strength of Social Media think back to a time Before Facebook, would you of thought a social networking site would give people the ability to join groups and unite for or against public concerns, seeing headlines like "Facebook groups strength"? on BBC news. We are truly moving a large amount of economy to our digital business’ which is in turn providing a larger and smarter digital world.

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