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6 Jun 2011

Wickedweb has been highly rated by its clients and is now on the Recommended Agency Register

by Stuart Wells

The Recommended Agency Register (RAR) was conceived to provide brand owners with a resource to find the right marketing suppliers. This can be a difficult process, and this roster provides a reliable and independent list of agencies and suppliers to enable companies to make an informed choice. Wickedweb are delighted to have made it onto this Register.

Rar - Recommended Agency Roster2

How does it work?

Working with Carynx Group, RAR have developed an algorithm to rate suppliers. This is made up of up-to-date market insights which are coupled with comprehensive ratings from clients. This gives a unique picture of the level of satisfaction that each supplier achieves, and does a lot of the due diligence 'ground work'.

Wickedweb would like to say a big thank you to our clients for participating in this process with us, and for the fabulous testimonials!

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