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29 Apr 2010

Wickedweb gets the ball rolling for Mitre

by Neil Narain

Unperturbed by the eruption of Eyjafjallajökull, Mitre has taken flight with its latest international digital incarnate. 

Mitre Russia now has its own web presence which utilises the Wickedweb CMS and the result can be found at

Testament to the multilingual capabilities of Wickedweb CMS, the Russian Mitre team was able to create a localised version of the "mother" site and the software can easily cope with different alphabets and character sets.

Part of Wickedweb's remit to Mitre is to roll out the international phase of their digital strategy, initially launching the global portal; next steps to bring the different territories in line with the UK "flagship" site.

Wickedweb's digital recommendations included the provision of rigid design templates to protect the brand's integrity around the globe, with flexible content areas so that images and copy can be tailored to the local territory market.

We're proud to adhere to the famous marketing mantra, “think global, act local!” ensuring that Mitre's global digital strategy is consistent, albeit with localised nuances.

Watch out for the Chilean version coming very soon, volcanic ash dependent of course!

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