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31 Mar 2010

Wicked Content Management System

by Mark Townsend

All of my development life I have been fumbling around trying to fit the flash, text, and other content into each page of websites, always worrying about what will break or what will have to be changed. This became more and more frustrating and I was sure there must be an easier way...

After a while I started looking around for ways to ensure structural integrity of my web pages and faster ways of creating and uploading my new pages, I started to realise the only solution was to use a content management system (CMS); Although these seemed to have many drawbacks.

The first problem I encountered was the layout of these CMS’s. They were too confusing and often required more understanding of HTML and CSS than I was led to believe. Other problems included slow navigation time due to poorly written programs, no SEO automation, costs that were not represented by the product and poorly set up support.

Then something happened that never happened before...a team got together and said "we are going to build a CMS that has none of the ridiculous problems that the others hold on so tightly too" and so the CMS to conquer all other CMS's was born.
I was inspired to write about the Wickedweb CMS after the latest version was released with amazing updates including this tool that can crop your images while uploading!!

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