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30 Mar 2010

Why do I need Project Management?

by Neil Narain

Why indeed? At Wickedweb, it is indoctrinated into the team that we always incorporate project management as part of our development process from the simplest website amend to bespoke application development.

You may hear us talk about “the process” and this method of working has helped us gain our ISO 9001 certification.  It isn’t a magical mantra but simply a set of tasks that we adhere to when we develop code for our clients.

We have modified our approach based on the world recognised PRINCE2, (PRojects IN Controlled Environments, version 2) and waterfall methodologies and these two elements form the foundation of our process. Simply put, our process breaks projects down into manageable chunks and is sequential. The objective is to proceed through the steps in an orderly fashion, moving to the next phase upon sign off of the preceding element. In reality there is sometimes overlap, and in this way, our methodology is probably more aligned to that of the Sashimi model.

We find that this approach is fair to all of our clients and we are able to risk assess much easier as projects are broken up into controllable portions. Given this approach, we are able to manage more projects in the studio and this in turn helps us to deliver on time and on budget for our clients. Without an over saturated production schedule, we are also able to deliver ad-hoc requests with shorter lead times.

Our Project Management team will help you along the way of course, and it is therefore our responsibility to guide you through this process. Don’t be alarmed if we chase you as we’re simply trying to secure your next slot on the schedule.

So in answer to the original question, why do I need Project Management? Without it, costs and timelines cannot be managed and that’s the last thing that any client deserves.

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