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19 Mar 2010

Who are the biggest players online?

by Melissa Constantinou


Who has broken into 2010 with the biggest numbers online? No prizes for guessing that Google are number 1 for Search and Facebook are number 1 for Social Networks, but do you know the figures? In a recent report published by the Nielsen company I learnt that an astounding 8,169,550,654 searches were made using the Google search engine in January 2010: that’s 3,050 searches per second! Let’s not forget Google’s recent acquisition of YouTube; at number 6 in the list with 1,261,959,101 visits in January 2010, YouTube remains the market leader for online video sharing, and with Google’s backing I can’t imagine this will be changing anytime soon.

Nielsen’s report lists the top 100 websites visited in January 2010, of which the BBC has then defined into categories. An interactive treemap of these figures can be viewed here. Most of the figures don’t seem to come as much of a surprise, and I’m glad to see that the big internet players of the 90’s are still going strong (e.g. AOL, Amazon and Yahoo!). However what did come as surprise to me was not finding MySpace in the list. Perhaps the social networking site has finally run its course? Or is being phased out by stronger competition?

It would appear out of all of the different sectors, Social Media is the fastest evolving and it will be interesting to see where everyone is positioned and how the numbers will change in next year’s report!

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