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30 Apr 2010

To script or not to script, that is the question.

by Billy Harvey

When designing and building a website it is imperative that you get the balance right between functional and fascinating. While some clients and their products lend themselves to being highly visual and attention grabbing it is not always a good idea to use too many fancy techniques to obtain your goal.

Use too much javascript and you are in danger of confusing the user and cluttering up your webspace as well as possibly hindering SEO.

Use javascripting techniques sparingly and your website can subtly guide the user to where you want them to be.  Be it the shopping basket for an e-commerce site or the donate page of a charity organisation.

Some sites, such as the award winning lend themselves to being fun and interactive whereas other sites are there in order to inform the user using facts and figures and do not require any sort of extra "va va voom".

When used properly javascript is a powerful tool for enhancing a users experience and keeping them navigating in the way that you want them to.  Provided there is no disruption to the user either through slow loading times or the screen being too cluttered with movement then javascript is a powerful weapon in the web developers arsenal.

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