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30 Apr 2010

The rest is left unwritten....

by Kalli Daffin

With the world of digital and technology opening up new ways for us to engage and interact with each other via email, blogs, forums and social networks to name but a few got me thinking generally about the wider issue of online etiquette and the unwritten rules of digital engagement…

Here at Wickedweb, defining a social media strategy that is in-keeping with your business and brand values is vital to success and a key part of our integrated digital planning and the opportunities resulting from this are dramatically increasing.

But what about on an individual level? When we go about our social life, day to day and face to face, there are certain social and behavioural codes of conduct that (for the most part) we adhere to as part of living in a society, we clearly all have different voices and opinions and how we choose to express ourselves to a certain extent is dictated to by our upbringing and individual experiences but the difference here is that we have a clear defined audience and may temper our behavior accordingly.

This all instantly changes when we converse online.  Do the same rules of human etiquette apply or do we need to learn new methods of  online communication?  When we choose to post a new comment or respond to a thread  - a whole new potential audience comes into play and what may have been intended as an innocent comment can suddenly be the centre of a hot-fired debate or personal attack.

We have already witnessed the major shift in written communication with short-hand text messaging and a whole raft of new abbreviations for online  In fact recent  developments in the US now mean we can start introducing the Sark Mark to our online communications – so what’s next?



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