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28 Jan 2011

Social Media is Child's Play

by Niki Duggan

Should Barbie take back Ken

With more and more businesses discovering the value of Social Media, it truly has become child's play!

Mattel are marking the 50th anniversary of their Barbie 'accessory' Ken, with a new social media campaign, titled - "Should Barbie take Ken back?"

Now for those unaware of the turbulent relationship between the couple, it seems a new lover Blaine  challenged for Barbie's affections seven years ago, causing the couple to split after 43 years. However, following the filming of Toy Story 3, Ken is determined to win her back and is using a combination of Facebook and Twitter to send her messages and aim to win her heart.

But as silly as this may all sound, it appears to be a stroke of genius from the doll manufacturer.

For all those who grew up with Barbie and Ken as the perfect couple, the campaign seems set to pull on those nostalgic heartstrings and get you involved.

Ken has his own Facebook page and Twitter account which he regularly updates with statuses, photos, videos and more; encouraging users to offer advice on what he can do to 'woo' back Barbie and most importantly - creating discussion.

With over 25,000 'Likes' and already more than 4,500 followers on Twitter - it certainly seems that Mattel have found a hook and just goes to show how powerful a tool social media can be with a little creative thinking.

And should Barbie take Ken back? Well, it's up to you to decide!

Simply go to to cast your vote (Voting now closed)

Facebook |  Twitter | @OfficialKen

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