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16 Jul 2010

SEO Still Delivers ROI

by Richard Lyne

Ever since the Google Caffeine algorithm change and the infamous “May day” update, websites across the globe have seen an a drop in traffic from long-tail keywords, with some webmasters reporting up to a 90% drop in traffic!

It is true, long-tail phrases are more difficult to rank for, especially when larger sites dominate the short-tail rankings. However, those that question the potential of SEO are mistaken – you just need to be smart about your keyword strategy and your link profile development.

To demonstrate how a structured Keyword and Link-Building Strategy can still boost rankings/traffic despite these Google updates, we have just one of many Wickedweb case studies below. It proves that despite the updates being rolled out, Wickedweb have still fundamentally improved the SEO for one of our consumer goods clients. The site is not a direct B2C retailer, so the focus is on data acquisition for special promotions, events and activities etc to enhance brand perceptions. 

Keyword Rankings:

After developing a thorough Keyword Strategy (which has evolved over time to incorporate more target keywords and site content), Wickedweb has carried out activity with the purpose to increase both rankings and traffic. The impact on website rankings for target keywords is shown below:


SEO Rankings Increase


The picture below shows how Wickedweb have improved the non-branded keyword traffic for one of our clients over the past 12 months. As you can see, the site has been optimised to make regular increases to the number of visits each month.


SEO Traffic Increasing


Thanks to the SEO campaign, the website has generated 1,996 new leads in the past year from search engine traffic alone at a cost per acquisition of less than £3. This is more successful than any other marketing channel by far that the consumer brand employs.

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