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16 Jul 2010

Over-50s are the internet newbies!

by Cat Woods

Over-50s are the internet newbies! The UK Online Measurement Company have recently announced that the majority of those who have connected to the internet in the last year are the over-50s. This denounces previous perceptions that the internet is for the young.

Many online services are now starting to target the older generation as the medium itself matures with the shift in audience with 31% of the UK internet users now being in the over-50s bracket.

The statistics highlight that 35-49 year olds are the main demographic with only a few percent more men online that women.

In terms of usage, this peaks from 4pm to 5pm with 72% of users being online. By far, the most used sites at this time of day are Community sites, followed by News, Instant Messaging and Music respectively.

Looking at the month of May 2010, 28% go online 7 times a month and 52% being online over 22 times a month.

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