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27 Apr 2010

Marathon fever: tracking your running friend

by Melissa Constantinou

April; the month where bluebells flood our woodlands and thousands of people worldwide strap on their trainers and take to the roads for an epic run. People run for every cause imaginable and will never fail to surprise you with their inventive costumes. The London marathon this year, for example, saw a man walking with a fridge on his back – Yes a fridge!! Now if that isn’t the perfect analogy for determination I don’t know what is!

As part of my new year’s resolution this year I decided I would get involved in this ‘marathon fever’ and took on the Paris marathon. Two weeks later I found myself cheering on London marathon runners at their last 2 and painful miles. Having now experienced both sides of the crowd barrier I understand what a difference it makes when your friends and family are cheering you on; but as a spectator finding your running friend is a challenge itself....

In the wake of the mobile application revolution everything is becoming more accessible. With this in mind I knew there had to be an application out there that would help me track my running friend from the palm of my hand - and no better than Google was there to help me with my plight. Using Google Latitude combined with this handy online guide  you can now follow your running friend and support them at those crucial moments!! No longer will you get dizzy looking into the face of every runner to spot your friend. All you need is a phone that can run Google Maps version 3.0+ or higher and a list of motivational cheers to callout to those determined runners.

Hoorah for Google Latitude!

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