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29 Mar 2010

London Vet Show award nomination

by Anna Dixon

The Wickedweb team were excited and proud to be working with the London Vet Show in its launch year, designing the website and integrating it with the WickedwebCMS platform and suite of event specific modules.

Now, after the success of the inaugural event in November 2009 and along with the CloserStill Media team, we are thrilled to announce that the London Vet Show has been shortlisted for an award as the Launch Event of the Year by the Exhibition News Magazine.

The atmosphere at the show was buzzing, created by the packed lecture theatres and exhibition stands, making the event unmissable for the industry.  This exciting new format for veterinary conferences is set to impress again in 2010, and is already booked to take place in a bigger venue based on the record delegate pre-registration figures and exhibitor floor sales, well in advance of the event. 

For more information about the awards and to support the London Vet Show, visit the Exhibition News Website.

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