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15 Jul 2010

"I Tried To Do It Myself...."

by Chris Merriman

Back in the days before I was a Social Media Expert, and before that, a traditional journalist, I was an admin assistant for a bit. And I can state categorically, the words I dreaded more than any other were...

"I tried to do it myself... but..."

It inevitably meant that my boss, who had self-taught Word skills, had attempted to run a Macro on a table and ended up wiping the 523 page document, and that I would have to retype it all. By morning

Once, he added a text box and wiped the internet.

Actually, I lied about that last bit but my point remains...

If you want to change a fuse, great. Go ahead. They should teach that sort of thing in schools. In fact, I think they probably do.

But if you want to replace your boiler, get a qualified gas engineer or prepare to have no eyebrows.


It's the same with Social Media. One of the most popular responses when I ask brands about Social Media is "well... we do it in-house", "we have an intern", or

"I tried to do it myself... but..."

If you're keeping up your own Facebook and Twitter profiles. Brilliant. That's your fuse changing.

But developing a coherent social media strategy for your brand? Capitalising on new developments such as geo-caching? Aggregation of your feeds to maximise effectiveness? Conforming competitions to each sites rules? And most importantly of all, analysising your online reputation to capitalise on success and plug weaknesses?

Well, that's your boiler. And your singed eyebrows.

Digital Media is gaseous. It's difficult to quantify, you can tell it's there - you can smell it in the air, and hear it on the wind. But if you mess with it - it can blow up in your face.

Wickedweb are the CORGI engineers of Social Media - we work with you to ensure that your brand is enhanced by social media, and that as new developments come along, we upgrade your offer to suit. So when you really need it, it won't land you in hot water. So to speak.



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