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30 Mar 2010

First steps...

by Kalli Daffin

The initial stage of any project is the key element. It gives us the knowledge and the insight into a company and the brand. Before the project even begins we need to address the overall strategy by considering business versus online digital marketing objectives.

We need to immerse ourselves in your brand, the direction, the objectives for online development, and how this ties in with the overall online digital strategy. By covering the all important elements early on, as part of the groundwork, in a relatively short time frame we create a strong concrete awareness that you have of your brand as working knowledge. This gives us a solid concrete understanding in which to engage your brand with your target audience.

Whilst many see this as unnecessary we see it as a necessity. It is imperative that we gain the insight that you work with as second nature. We are the experts of online marketing and you are the experts of your brand. We use our structured process and strategic approach to gain the same in depth working knowledge.

Without this deeper sense of understanding we would still, no doubt, create fantastic results proven through our long term experience.  However, it would lack any substance, a purposeful direction, and may appear as an afterthought to many users.

Whilst the technological world we live in spends the majority of its time online, therefore requiring brands to have an online presence. The results need to be considered, phasing developments where required, and falling in line with the overall marketing plan from day one.

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