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21 Dec 2010

EPiServer CMO 2.0 Launched

by Lauren Glass

EPiServer have now released their second generation CMS, it’s fully integrated with EPiServer CMS 6 and EPiServer OnlineCenter and includes increased functionality to answer the needs of the market by following up the visitors’ behaviour with data and statistics.

EPiServer CMO is the perfect tool where you receive an instant answer on how your campaigns are performing and which landing pages are delivering the best results. You do not need any technical skills and can easily test and analyse the results yourself. It has never been easier to measure your web presence.

EPiServer CMO allows marketers to test and measure the result of any online campaigns. The campaign can be adapted in real-time to ensure that the desired return of investment is achieved. With EPiServer CMO you can easily measure and monitor online campaigns and optimise your landing pages.

The latest version, EPiServer CMO 2.0, not only has more user-friendly user interface and is more robust, but also includes improvements in user experience through increased responsiveness in the user interface. EPiServer CMO is one of the most requested add-on products for EPiServer CMS based.


The key features of EPiServer CMO are:

  • Campaign management, analysis and statistics
  • Budget and measurement of your online activities
  • Live and real-time visibility of your web visitors
  • Real-time measurement of activities through KPI’s
  • Monitoring of the conversion rate against predefined goals
  • Easy export of statistics and test data

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