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30 Mar 2010

Communicating with your customers

by Robert Hollander

Email Marketing Agency

We work with a lot of our clients on a regular basis on their email marketing campaigns and have even won an award for our efforts!

Sending regular html emails is a great way to engage your customers, build your brand and to really drive sales. Wickedweb work with a number of household brands on their email marketing strategy campaigns such as NSPCC, Concern Worldwide, Nectar and Ella's Kitchen.

Here are a few tips to what we consider are key considerations to any Email Marketing Campaign:

  • On brand - Like anything you produce, it is important that the Email design is on brand.
  • Personalised - If you have your customers' information then use it to personalise the email. Sending regular email communications is about building a relationship so it's good to get personal.
  • Good subject - A good subject line to your message is very important if you want people to open it and read it.
  • Clear call to actions - If your email has a clear message there needs to be a strong call to action so that the person viewing it can easily take the next step, be it to make a donation, buy a product or just to find out more.
  • Specific message areas - Good structure as well as good design will make your email more readable and effective.
  • Tailored content - If you have more information of customers on your mailing list then you can send them emails tailored to their interests.
  • Cross promotional - Use your email message to help cross-sell other products or services or have gentle reminders encouraging your customers to get involved with your social media activity such as Facebook and Twitter.
  • Reporting - It's really important that you can see the effectiveness of your campaign. We produce a report after each broadcast so you can see your ROI.

If you're thinkng of building on your customer relations then give us a call!

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