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25 Nov 2008

Christmas comes to the rainforest

by Anna Dixon

Wickedweb are getting festive early this year, and are already wearing Santa hats! Ok, we're not quite yet, but we have added them to the Rainforest Foundations UK's virtual rainforest application - check out the festive elephant, parrot and swinging monkey! Buy a virtual acre as a Christmas gift for someone special, and you can personalize it with a Crimbo message, adding the funky festive characters... have you ever seen a tiger looking so good in a Santa hat before?

Wickedweb were recommended to the Rainforest Foundation UK and will be developing the Virtual Rainforest with the aim of increasing user interaction with the web application, and driving online donations. There are a number of additional features that will be added over the coming months, and new functionality that focuses on usability and social media networking too... watch this space...

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