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6 Jun 2011

Change of law for 'cookies'

by Sue Akam

And there isn't a chocolate chip in sight!

The law is changing on the 26th May - and companies need to be ready for this new European e-Privacy directive.

"Explicit consent" must be sought from a web user who is being tracked via "cookies". Website owners use cookies to track their visitors; for example to target the serving of ads more effectively, or simply to give regular users to a site the ability to navigate more quickly by saving user preferences.

The change in law will require companies to figure out how they are going to get this explicit consent when a user hits their website. However this may take some time to work through, and the demands of the directive may certainly compromise a user journey.

Wickedweb's Technical Director Ian Jepp says "The responsibility ultimately falls on the website owner and so it would be essential to contact your legal department for a full understanding of what is under review in this directive. Best practice is to conform where necessary, and Wickedweb have set an agenda to look at this for all future projects".

Full details from the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) can be viewed here.

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